Chase’s digital wallet offers customers an easy and more secure way to make purchases from their mobile phones. 

I was drawn to Chase’s Digital Customer Experience team (dCE) not only for the opportunity to work with UX experts pulled from different industries, but also to be part of something more than just a product. In many ways, Chase Pay was dCE’s and the bank's test-case to try something new and use Lean UX for a customer-centric, design-first approach. 

I joined the project in its infancy to help define the experience. One of the biggest challenges we faced from the beginning was to make order out of disorder. There was no design process in place. We knew shifting from traditional waterfall methods to agile at a large company was going to be difficult, but I doubt any of us were fully prepared for the path ahead. A product that started with a handful of designers and product owners quickly grew to involve over 600 people from across the company. As difficult as all the setbacks have been, I’m grateful for the professional growth I gained and for the opportunity to work with a kick-ass team!  

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